Prosperity on sale in aisle three

Prosperity on sale in aisle three

The average slap-shot goes about 100 miles per hour. Not exactly the speed of light, but it IS faster than the speed of charity when that puck is a RUBR puck.

RUBR pucks are identical to the ones you grew up with. They perform exactly the same. They cost about the same. But there are a few key differences that make RUBR a winner in places where people have never even heard of hockey, let alone sports facilities filled with frozen water.

The puck is manufactured in Canada instead of Eastern Europe where over 90% of pucks currently come from – patriotically better.

The rubber is sourced from sustainable farms in Liberia, replacing the synthetic, petroleum-based rubber used in most pucks today – environmentally better.

The demand for this rubber creates higher paying jobs in rural Liberian communities, making it possible to afford important things like school fees, healthcare and more – SOCIALLY BEST.

My perspective? The best change doesn’t come from charity…

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