Let’s raise $20,000, together.

Let’s raise $20,000, together.

I’m honoured to support the Perspectives Challenge for the third year running, not only by sharing my own Perspective with my network, but also supporting our united goal of raising $500,000 towards EWB’s important work. I’ve committed both myself and my company, Tetra Tech WEI to supporting EWB, and I’d like to encourage you to play your small roll in this challenge by sharing your Perspective today.

To help our cause, I’ve got a bit of a challenge of my own: if we collectively raise $20,000 by November 27th, I’ll match that entire amount with a contribution to EWB. Your Perspective can contribute towards systemic innovations across Africa, and this week it can do it two times as much.

Perspectives is an amazing opportunity to share EWB and what it means to you, and ask people in your networks to support a cause you care about. I’m looking forward to participating with you,


Shayne Smith
President, Tetra Tech WEI
Member of the board, EWB